Q & A

Q & A
Q: If I need a part built, will you be able to estimate when it will be ready?
A: Yes. Typically, once we determine what you need, we can give you an accurate time and day it will be ready.

Q: Do you have production-ready steel on hand?
A: Yes, we carry a large inventory of steel, plates, pipes and tubes.

Q: Do you have overhead cranes for larger projects?
A: Yes. We have two 5-ton overhead cranes.

Q: Is your job shop insured?
A: Yes.

Q: Are your welders certified?
A: Yes. Our welders are certified and have many years of experience.

Q: Are your prices competitive?
A: Yes. Our prices are competitive and we are honest and dependable.

Q: Do you offer sheet and plate rolling?
A: Our facility is equipped to handle this.
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